GSU Introductory Physics Lab Information

Physics Lab Coordinator: Carola Butler, 214 Natural Sciences Center (Email)

Watch this Space!

Our buildings are closed but the physics department is still working. On March 30 we will start our on line lecture and lab program so our students can finish the semester and get their credits. Stay tuned for the new adventure. Thanks

Please note

The university requires that all students taking lab courses read and sign the safety regulations before they are allowed to participate in the labs.

A copy of the regulations may be seen here.

Students will be given a copy of the regulations to read and a sheet to sign the first day of lab.

You will need your Panther ID or Driver's License to get into the Natural Sciences Center.


Physics labs are in the Natural Sciences Center, 50 Decatur Street.

Labs for Physics 1111K and 1112K meet in room 226 NSC.

Labs for Physics 2211K meet in room 222 NSC.

Labs for Physics 2212K meet in room 210 NSC.

The Natural Sciences Center is building #17 on the campus map.

Spring 2020 Schedule

Labs will start on January 13, the first day of classes.

Go to your lab even if your class has not met yet.

Labs will not meet the week of Martin Luther King Jr. holiay or Spring Break.

Remember to bring a pencil and your Panther ID card.

The Department of Physics & Astronomy is offering tutoring for Phys 1111/1112/2211/2212

For more information and schedules, see the Physics Tutoring Center.

Required Materials

Students taking Physics 2211 and 2212 will need two workbooks. Both are titled "Tutorials in Introductory Physics" by Lillian C. McDermott, Peter S. Shaffer and the Physics Education Group. One is a set of exercises to be done in class and the other is a set of homework problems.

These are available at the Georgia State Bookstore and can also be ordered from Amazon. The ISBN's are: 0-13-065364-0 and 0-13-066245-3

1111K schedule and manuals are here.

1112K schedule and manuals are here.

2211K schedule and information is here.

2212K schedule and information is here.

* Please read the policies for your lab before you come to the lab.

* Students should bring a calculator every week.

Lab Attendance

When you registered for an introductory course you also registered for a specific lab time and day. This is the lab section you must attend.

Assessment tests

Two assessment tests will be given each semester. The first is given during the first week of classes and may not be made up after that week. The second is given the last week of labs. Students will be given participation credit for taking the first test. The second test will be graded and the grade will count as a lab grade.

Address questions about the assessment test to Dr. Brian Thoms.

Make up labs

Students may not make up missed labs the first two weeks. After that, if you miss your regular lab you may attend two make up labs during the semester. You may attend another lab section if space is available and the instructor agrees. You must download the lab makeup form for your course and turn it in to the makeup lab instructor before the lab quiz. If the information on the form is not correct your grade might not be recorded.

You may only make up a missed lab during the week that the experiment is taught.

If you miss two or more labs due to a hardship such as severe illness, military service, or jury duty discuss the problem with your course professor.


If your lab does not meet because the university is closed because of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstance, study for the next experiment on the schedule. The missing grade will be dropped without penalty to the student.

Lab Exemptions

If you are repeating a course but passed the lab portion you may be able to use your previous lab grade and exempt the lab attendance requirement. If you took the course at GSU fill out a Lab Exemption Form and email it to Carola Butler.

If you took the course at another school contact Carola Butler before labs start.


No overflows are available.

Study Help

For information about Georgia State student services see

To use HyperPhysics go to the HyperPhysics web site,

The Society of Physics Students sometimes offers study help. The schedule will be posted on the SPS @ GSU web site.

Many lectures and demonstrations are available on the web.